Dive into Adventure: Discover Kings Island Bijaynagar, the Ultimate Water Park in Ajmer

A Water Park In Bijaynagar, Ajmer

Are you searching for a water park in Ajmer that has lots of fun, excitement, and relaxation? Look no further than Kings Island Bijaynagar! It’s one of the best water parks in the city, offering thrilling water rides, slides, and attractions for people of all ages…




Ajmer is a beautiful city in Rajasthan, India, known for its history and culture. Besides its historical places and religious sites, Ajmer also has modern attractions like Kings Island Bijaynagar, a water park loved by both locals and tourists.


What is Kings Island Bijaynagar, Ajmer?


Kings Island Bijaynagar is a water park located in Bijaynagar, close to Ajmer. It has various water rides, slides, and attractions suitable for everyone. From fast slides for thrill-seekers to calm lazy rivers and wave pools, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Why visit Kings Island Bijaynagar, Ajmer?


Kings Island Bijaynagar is a fantastic place to beat the heat and have a fun day with your family and friends. It offers a wide range of rides, attractions, and amenities, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all visitors.


Location and timings


If you’re looking for a “water park near me,” you can easily reach Kings Island Bijaynagar by road, as it’s about 60 kilometers away from Ajmer. The park opens every day from 9 am to 6 pm, and there’s enough parking space available.


Admission and ticket prices


The entry fee for Kings Island Bijaynagar varies based on age and height. Children under 3 years and those below 3 feet tall can enter for free. Adults and children above 3 feet tall have to pay Rs. 450 on weekdays and Rs. 500 on weekends and holidays.


Rides and attractions


Kings Island Bijaynagar offers a diverse range of water rides and attractions for people of all ages. Here are some highlights:

Water slides: Thrilling high-speed slides for adventure lovers.

Wave pool: Experience the feeling of being in the ocean with artificial waves.

Lazy river: Relax and enjoy floating along a calm river with beautiful views.

Kids’ zone: Safe and fun attractions like smaller slides and splash pads for children.

Food and beverage options


While at Kings Island Bijaynagar, you can enjoy various food and drink choices, including fast food, snacks, and full meals. The park also provides vending machines and water fountains for your convenience.


Locker and changing room facilities


To make your visit comfortable, the park offers locker rentals to store your belongings. There are also changing rooms available for those who need to change into or out of swimwear.


Safety measures and guidelines


Kings Island Bijaynagar prioritizes safety and has lifeguards at each attraction. Visitors must follow the park’s safety guidelines, wear appropriate swimwear, and follow staff instructions.


Accessibility and parking


The park is easily accessible by road and has ample parking space. It’s also wheelchair accessible, and staff are available to assist visitors with disabilities.


Events and parties


Kings Island Bijaynagar hosts special events and parties. You can book the park for private events, such as birthday parties or corporate outings, with special packages for groups.


Tips for visiting Kings Island Bijaynagar

Plan your visit ahead and come early to avoid crowds.

Wear comfortable swimwear.

Bring sunscreen, towels, and other essentials.

Follow the park’s safety guidelines and staff instructions.

Stay hydrated and take breaks when needed.

Key attractions in Bijaynagar

Bijaynagar, a city or region with various points of interest. Here are short details about each of the mentioned attractions:


St. Mary’s Graveyard:

A historic graveyard with ties to the past, known for its serene atmosphere and historical significance.


Ghost Towns:

Exploring the remnants of abandoned towns that have intriguing stories of their own.


Birla City Water Park:

A popular destination for water enthusiasts, offering a range of thrilling water-based activities and relaxation.


Government Museum:

A speciality museum that showcases unique artifacts, art, and exhibits related to the region’s culture and heritage.


Nasiyan Jain Temple:

A renowned Jain temple known for its intricate architecture and religious significance.


Dargah Hazrat Meera Syed Hussain:

A religious site of great importance, attracting devotees and visitors seeking spiritual solace.


Gurudwara Sahib:

A place of worship for Sikhs, providing a peaceful environment for prayer and meditation.


Mayo College Museum:

A history museum that provides insights into the region’s past, displaying artifacts and documents of historical value.


Akbari Masjid:

A religious site, the Akbari Masjid holds historical and architectural significance, offering a glimpse into the city’s cultural heritage.



In summary, Kings Island Bijaynagar is an amazing water park in Ajmer, offering an array of rides, attractions, and amenities for all to enjoy. Whether you seek thrills or relaxation, this park promises an unforgettable experience that you’ll cherish forever.


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